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  • Presidente dell’associazione “MediterrArt APS”, docente di musica con esperienza consolidata nell’ambito dei progetti Erasmus Plus, della relative gestione degli stessi e nell’educazione non formale.
  • Vice-presidente dell’associazione “MediterrArt APS”, responsabile della scrittura dei progetti e gestione dei partenariati

Segretario dell’associazione “MediterrArt APS”, responsabile della realizzazione del materiale grafico e della facilitazione dei progetti


 Elena is a project manager with more than 14 years of experience in the field of project management. She has been project manager for more than 30 international projects (under Youth in Action and Erasmus +). She has experience in working with disadvantaged groups of youngsters. She has also been involved in various activities that concerned needs assessment, research of several topics and producing reports and producing intellectual outputs. Elena is an instructional design expert and has experience in facilitating learning online events. She is also experienced in developing tools and methodologies and designing learning programmes for youngsters and adults.

Ragnar Lachance is the team member specialised with ICT and media aspects. He has created several responsive and SEO optimized Websites using different plugins and templates on the WordPress CMS Platform. He is a graphics editor: 14 years of experience using Adobe Photoshop and other programmes, can create all sorts of contents easily and quickly such as: photomontages, photo corrections, flyers, posters, banners, newsletter elements, infographics, quote picture, kakemonos, logos, business cards, postcards, social media images, special effects, memes. Video Editing skills: 10 years of experience using Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, has filmed and/or created more than 300 videos such as documentaries, short movies, project reports, tutorials, interviews, presentations, conferences, events reports, funny montages, memes.

Simona Ursulescu is a youth worker with over four years of experience in the field of youth organisations, refugee and migrant organisations and non-formal education. She has been working with disadvantaged young people, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants for 2 years. As a facilitator and trainer, Simona offers non-formal activities to young people, refugees, migrants and youth workers in France and abroad, while supporting tolerance, human rights, equality and inclusion. She specialises in finance and banking and language teaching. Her areas of expertise are youth entrepreneurship education, human rights education and financial management. Over the past two years she has been actively working for the integration of migrants and refugees, providing cultural, financial and language education.


Visinel Balan has over 20 years of experience in working in organisations both at national level and at international level. He has managed over 30 projects for young people. He has experience in working with organisations from Europe and coordinating the implementation of projects of non-formal education. Visinel is also an accredited youth worker since 2011 according to the law in Romania. He is a public person and uses his power to bring to the public awareness the issues youngsters in orphanages are facing. He was also working for the Youth and Sports Ministry of Romania. He has extraordinary connections both with the private and public sector. Apart, he is also a trainer and a Doctor in sociology. He is also a professor of sociology at one of the most known universities in Bucharest, Romania.

Virgil Balan is a dedicated Romanian psychologist, specializing in aiding troubled youth, particularly those in orphanages. His deep understanding of their struggles is rooted in his own upbringing in an orphanage, lending a unique empathy to his approach. Balan leads Vocea Copiilor Abandonati (Voice of Abandoned Children), managing its activities. His work spans the NGO sector, focusing on improving the mental health of young people. His commitment is a beacon of hope for vulnerable youth, guiding them through their challenges with expertise and compassion.


  • with extensive experience in managing European and national entrepreneurial projects in the field of learning (lifelong learning), teaching young with fewer opportunities and different types national and European campaigns and events. Expert in international cooperation between different educational institutions.

Project Manager in the organization. He has experience in securing the organization of various types of events. He takes care of the preliminary organization of trips outside the country, meetings with representatives of other organizations and coordination of individual live initiatives.

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